Where will BATB 13: Freedom Finals Night take place?

Finals Night will take place at 2535 East 12th Street, Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90021 on November 11, 2023 at 5pm PST

Where do I buy my tickets?

Tickets are being sold through The Canteen, you can buy your ticket by purchasing any BATB 13 skateboard deck through The Canteen. One ticket per deck order. 


Buy your tickets at the door! NO CASH. Digital payments only.

Do I need a golden ticket deck to get in?

No, Golden ticket decks will be sent randomly to customers who purchased a BATB 13 deck through The Canteen. 

Will I be flown out with my purchase?

No, flights and accommodations will only be given to golden ticket holders.

Can I buy tickets at any physical location?

YES, Tickets can be purchased at the door for $100 with a debit or credit card, some forms of digital payment will be accepted such as Apple Pay & Tap.

Opening hours: 

Doors open at 5pm PST.  Games start at 7pm PST.

I found tickets for sale on other websites, can I buy them?

We are not responsible for tickets purchased on reseller websites. We cannot guarantee the validity of resold tickets, as if copies of tickets are available or payment is disputed, tickets may be invalidated at any time. 

What is the schedule?

Doors Open at 5pm

Games start at 7pm

How much are the tickets?

General Admission starts at $100 USD through The Canteen and will gradually increase per round.

 What is the VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket has an in arena view and has the catering service (food and drinks) included and can only be won not purchased.

Does any sector have a partial view?

Yes, due to the arrangement of the bleachers that make up our arena, some seats have a partial view of the arena. Arrive early to secure your seats.

How do I choose my seats?

This event does not have assigned seats. Customers can choose their seats on a first-come, first-served basis and in the row of their preference, depending on availability.

How will access to my sector be?

After entering the arena, all access will be via stairs that lead to the sectors.

Where will PwDs and people with mobility difficulties be accommodated?

People with disabilities (wheelchair users or those with reduced mobility) must access through the main door and will be accommodated close to the arena level.

I'm not going anymore, can I cancel my ticket(s) ? 

Yes. You can cancel your ticket(s) within 14 (Fourteen) days from the date of purchase. After this period, cancellation requests for any reason will not be accepted. You will need to return the bundle items to receive a refund.
Cancellation requests arising from possible changes to the schedule will not be accepted.

Can I transfer my tickets?

Tickets and e-tickets contain the name of the person who purchased on the website. However, there are no major problems with giving tickets to friends, family or receiving them from someone else. Your name does not need to be on the ticket. But it can only be scanned once.

I purchased, but did not receive my tickets. What should I do?

Email to make sure you receive your tickets before the event date. This account will not be checked on the day of Finals Night!!!

Do I need to print my tickets?

You can present your tickets printed, via the eventbrite app or via cell phone.

How many tickets can I buy?

As many as you'd like until we sell out. 

What are the forms of payment?

Credit and debit. NO Cash

Are children free?

Yes. up to 5 (five) years old are entitled to free admission. Children above this age group pay a full-price ticket and must present proof when accessing the event.

Can you enter with a skateboard ?

NO, you must leave them at home or in your car.

Only decks will be allowed for potential signature opportunities.

If you have trucks and wheels you will be denied access!

What items can I and can I not take?

It will be permitted to enter the event with food and drinks, as long as there is no intention of selling them on the event premises. Fruits and sandwiches packaged in transparent, non-rigid packaging and sealed processed foods (such as cereal bars and cookies) will be allowed. Bottles of any kind, glasses or flasks will not be permitted. 

What objects are not allowed?

Team flags with or without rods, flags with offensive or promotional information of a political nature, with racial or religious offense, sexual content or others; firearms; White guns; roll paper of any kind; balloons; glass cups and bottles; beverages packaged in cans; thermal cups of any brand, type or size or squeeze bottles; fireworks and explosions of any kind; lighters or flares and others; food and drinks for people with medical needs, without a doctor's prescription; alcoholic beverage; umbrella; paper cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or cigars of any kind; Styrofoam and boxes of any kind; toilet paper, shredded or cardboard of any kind; any and all potentially flammable products or products that can be used as fuel (gasoline, spray, gasoline and others).

Do you have luggage storage?

No, we recommend not bringing many items.

Can I bring pets?

No. Pets are not allowed, only guide dogs.

Can I take my music box?

No. Musical objects of any kind will not be permitted, be it speakers, horns, vuvuzelas, whistles or others.

Will my image be captured?

The customer expressly accepts that their image and audio will be captured and recorded, and therefore hereby consents to free and definitive way, to the promoters and sponsors of the event and any third parties indicated by them, all image and audio rights of which they are the holder, for all purposes (commercial, institutional and other), use in any type of media, including television, without limitation of territory, term, number of times and through all existing or future means of communication.

Is there parking on site?

Yes Parking is FREE but it is limited, arrive early to secure nearby free parking in our lot.

Until what time can I enter?

You can access at any time from the gate opening time shown in the schedule. Check the schedule. *subject to change.

Can I leave and return from the event?

Each ticket can only be read once, for this reason, re-entry is not permitted.