Authenticity Seals

  1. Availability of Authenticity Seals: At times, we may experience shortages of authenticity seals. In such cases, autographed decks may be shipped without seals to prevent any delays in delivery.

  2. Non-Distribution of Seals: We want to emphasize that we do NOT distribute authenticity seals separately. This policy is in place to prevent the unauthorized application of seals to decks not sold directly through our channels, potentially leading to fraudulent signatures.

  3. Protection of Secondary Market: We are aware of the existence of a secondary market on platforms such as eBay for signed skateboards originating from our sources. To safeguard collectors, we are committed to ensuring that our seals are not affixed to items that may have counterfeit signatures.

  4. Preservation of Reputation: We kindly request your understanding that these measures are essential to uphold our reputation for providing authentic merchandise.

  5. No Guarantee for Authenticity Seals: Please be aware that the availability of authenticity seals is not guaranteed.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to this policy, which is designed to maintain the integrity of our autographed products and protect the interests of our customers and collectors.