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Lucas Fiederling

Where We Come From DVD

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"Where We Come From is printed by Purple Productions in Germany. This first edition is 98 pages, with a foreword by Lucas Fiederling, and includes the full-length DVD (55 minutes). WWCF is a video project by filmmaker Lucas Fiederling, in collaboration with some of his closest friends. His labor of love took him from Germany to South Africa, and everywhere in between, over a period of four years—fully independent and free to make the product he envisioned. The book documents the filming process up to the premiere of the film at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinemas in NYC. The video features Chris Pfanner, Axel Cruysberghs, Marty Murawski, Eniz Fazliov, Willow, Phil Zwijsen, Samu Karvonen, Niklas Speer von Cappeln, and many more. With Photography by Switn, Lucas Fiederling, Sam Clark, Anton Beliaev, Fabian Ponsero, Jelle Kleppens, and Davy van Laere."

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