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The Skateboard Mag

The Skateboard Mag Issue # 152

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This month's release of the latest Emerica video was the perfect opportunity for us to embed our most deeply-rooted Emerica-centric photographer, Atiba, with the makers and shakers of MADE Chapter Two. This is a video that needs no introduction; every Emerica production is a must-see experience, atmospherically unique—you could call it the "Emerica Vibe." Atiba goes way back with Emerica: he has been involved with Andrew Reynolds and company seemingly since the beginning. As such, he has an impressive portfolio of classic photos which we are showcasing in a very special "Life On Film" dedicated to "The Boss." (Paired alongside Reynolds's MADE coverage in issue #152, you're essentially looking at "The Timeline Of a Flawless Flick.") Fellow MADE men—Figueroa, Herman, Hsu, and Long—also each get their own feature and interview in this issue. You can't help but be stoked about this lineup! This is Emerica, indeed. Also in this issue: we have a retrospective (emphasis on "retro") of vintage portraits combined with contemporary skate photos—all shot at night with flashes—by Mike Blabac. Mike Carroll, Josh Kalis, Brad Staba, and Jamie Thomas get in on the action (naturally, we named it "Flash Back"); Deathwish's Jon Dickson gets a full feature (and a portrait of his lovely dog, Darlin') in "Heart of a Dog." We dive into Phil Zwijsen's latest hydro-centric project, "Waterproof," that he filmed with French Fred (caution: Slippery when wet). Lastly, frequent contributor Jon Coulthard came back from a CONS trip in South Africa with some colorful photos and Aaron Herrington brought back some colorful stories. Mike Anderson, Al Davis, Bobby De Keyzer, and a once-bitten-twice-shy Jake Johnson, joined Herrington for this skate safari, spending time with all manner of jungle cats and zebras. We could say that the trip went smoothly, without a single feline-rated mishap—but we would be lion.

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