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The Skateboard Mag

The Skateboard Mag Issue # 151

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After all of the confetti and balloons of issue 150, we were faced with one question—who gets the next cover? Enter Ishod with a swervy, curvy nollie 180 switch crook. The layered frame design might make you do a double take. Speaking of "layered," the articles are also full of exciting perspectives and new ways of seeing: Three hard-working new Pros—Blake Johnson, Cody Lockwood, and Jordan Maxham—get interviews; Levi's does some "Community Service" in Mexico; Nike SB takes the Ruta less traveled in Latin America; some brave GoPro riders do a little renegade camping in New Zealand; and we shine a monochrome light on regular photo contributor Jake Darwen's Melbourne world. Throw in fourteen pages of Crops and issue 151 is a great next step towards reaching issue 300!

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