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The Skateboard Mag Issue # 147

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This month's issue of The Skateboard Mag features a Silas Baxter-Neal ProFile, in anticipation of his upcoming Away Days video part; the newly professional Robbie Brockel, repping Arizona in "Phoenix Rising"; and Josh Kalis, taking a look back at some of his career milestones—his "Life In Print." Brian Lotti treats the world as his canvas in our exclusive coverage of Aleks Lewandowski's latest video, Country Weather. Wes Kremer gets in on the action with a couple of spreads featuring the weekend warrior's typical lazy Sunday on his home turf, San Diego. And Atiba's latest photo essay, "Searching For The Perfect Moment," proves that good things come to those who wait. Issue #147, with everything from Silas to Kalis, out now.