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The Skateboard Mag Issue # 146

The Skateboard Mag

The Skateboard Mag Issue # 146

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With the release of Nike SB's Hyperfeel Koston 3, we set out to explore the footprint left by one of skateboarding's foremost footwear trendsetters. Eric Koston's history in skate shoes is decades deep, spanning several brands, and marked by milestones that were so progressive for their time that they still seem shockingly current to this day. We interviewed over a dozen skaters from within Koston's inner circle for a little insight into what makes him tick. The result is eye-opening and will give you a new perspective on a skater who built his career on the alchemy of fun and perfection. Also included in this issue: the Dwindle riders do Dubai; the Palace boys do LaLa Land; and we get a closer look at the Terah Bowl in our latest Made To Skate. Issue #146 has got sole, and then some.

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