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Berrics Magazine Issue #2

The Berrics

Berrics Magazine Issue #2

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If every picture tells a story and a picture is worth a thousand words, then this issue's cover (which features an oft-used section of the OG Berrics) is a downright loquacious chatty Cathy. Issue #2 of Berrics Magazine is dedicated to the first ten years of The Berrics, and we do our best to cover all 3,648 days with 24 pages of history and gorgeous black-and-white photography, courtesy of Yoon Sul. 
Fittingly, we also sat down with Chris Joslin for a twelve-page interview on the eve of his daughter's first birthday; he essentially launched his career on, filming an astounding number of videos over a six-year period.
Also in this issue: Corey Glick's pics of tricks; Tyler Peterson's guide to St. Louis; we explore the world of skate podcasts in "Pod Squad"; Dave Swift goes to TJ; Dinosaur Jr. plays a show; Abe "Orange Man" Dubin walks the dog; Berra picks Ethan Suplee's brain; and much more. Ten more years! Ten more years!