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Autographed Gustavo Ribeiro | Cut Off


Autographed Gustavo Ribeiro | Cut Off

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Here is one of the first pro models of Gustavo Ribeiro, Jart's finest Portuguese rider.
The graphic of the Cut Off brings Gustavo as the most famous yellow skater of the world. You can recognize him by his tattoos, the cap, and the chains, and the attitude for sure.
Eat my shorts!

Available in low concave.

Our low concave is specially designed for those riders looking for a balanced board.
The main features are a high pop, reactivity on flip tricks and easy handing. The classic popsicle shape makes it perfect for your switch riding.
That boards are geared to street skateboarding. Our pro rider favorite shape.
Riding that concave you will feel a smooth surface where you can move freely your feet.