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The Skateboard Mag

The Skateboard Mag Issue # 160

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In issue #160, we catch up with LA's most wanted, cover boy Na-Kel Smith; Julian Davidson, soon to be on everyone's screens in the new Element and etnies full-lengths, fills us in on what it's like being literally the best dude ever; Jonathan Mehring gives us a scene update from the Brooklyn Banks (this spot is never going away—it's built like a brick shithouse); we get down and dirty in Long Beach with Al Partanen as he and his construction crew mix cement, and cement the team's DIY legacy; we whip out our controllers and migrate hosts for a look at the weird history and bright future of skate video games; and we fly down the double set of life with none other than Jamie Thomas in his interview feature, "Roll 'Til Death." This is issue #160, print 'til death.

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